My Life Without Shoes...

In the quickness of my recent move, I brought only what would fit in my car, allowing enough room for buster to fit in comfortable as well. Only 1/4 of my wardrobe would fit, my necessities and of course, part of my shoe "collection."

I now look back and tell I must have packed my things in a blind panic. The shoes I brought make no sense. As I sit here, as I have been the past couple of weeks, I think of the shoes I left behind. Yes, I will see them again, but right now, they are not a part of me. My Steve Madden's, my xoxo's, my guess, my bebe, my roxy, my kenneth cole....so many I can't even name. I feel as though I have abandoned my shoes, and in turn, have abandoned a part of me. I have been to a few parties since I have been here. They have all been pretty good, but one main part that has left a sour note in my mind, my shoes. Sure, I have a great pair of my black platform pumps that I managed to smuggle into my car, and of course my great brown sexy heels that just so happened to be in my trunk already, but not the "perfect" shoe for the outfit.

I know I probably sound extremely shallow writting this. but I miss my cute shoes damnit. Until they are here with me, I will not be complete.


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