I have been pushing myself past my normal limits. I am managing to get a lot of stuff accomplished though, which is great. I have been going through boxes that have been in the garage and unopened in about a year. What I am doing is basically throwing things away, giving to good will or organizing and labeling boxes. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but I have to get back to myself again and the clutter is number one on that priority list. I used to be the most organized person in the world. I am still, for the most part, a very organized at work and when it comes to other people, but I have let myself fall to shambles. I sent in payment for a ticket on Tuesday, when the hearing was on Wednesday. I probably currently have a warrant out for my arrest. Things like this bother me, as they should. I can manage to take care of everyone else on time, but not myself? what the heck?!

anyways, I went through a few huge plastic containers and managed to downsize about 8 boxes to 2 1/2. I have endless amounts of bags full of stuff to drop off at the good will tonight. who knows how much more. I've decided I don't need to hang on to everything from my past. It makes for a cluttered house (or garage in this case) and a cluttered mind at the end of the day

Okay, now onto more interesting things. I'm still trying to decide what to do this weekend. I contemplated ice skating, but as sore as I have been, I'm not sure if that would be the best idea ever. There are a lot of movies I want to see, but I feel like I waste time just sitting there for a couple hours watching a movie. The Rangers are on the road this weekend, so a ballgame is out of the picture. Not too sure what to do actually.

I thought I had something interesting to write about, but it turns out I don't.

Maybe I'll write a little later about my gardening disaster.....

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