So far....

So far it has been okay....

I try not to stop and think about everything too much though. I literally picked up my entire life, almost as if overnight, and moved a few hundred miles away from my home. My home, my family, my friends, my entire life.

I would be lying if I said I was not still scared to death of what is going to happen with me, my life, my future. I was able to obtain great employment. I have a chance to expand my experience not only on a professional level but in my personal life as well. I am doing things I never thought I was capable of doing or handling on my own. Everyday that goes by at work, I feel as though I am accomplishing something. Something bigger than myself.

I would also be lying if I said I missed home. I do in parts. I mainly miss my friends and family, but other than that, I would never return to that godforsaken city ever again. I had a taste of this place not to long ago. Maybe I knew in the back of my mind I was not here to stay for good then? I'm still not too sure. Either way, I never really got comfortable here when I came, it seems, so long ago. Now, as if effortless, I sank into this city & let it overtake me. I am used to things closing early (bars mostly), I have learned when and where to obtain my hard liquor, what areas to avoid (way easier than remembering the ones back home- considering they outnumber the better areas back home), what areas have the best of the best, food, entertainment, etc. I feel like I have completely submersed myself in this city, never to return home again.

Quite weird.

Anywho, I convinced Robert, & it took quite an effort on my end, to take a ride into Dallas with me on Saturday morning to see the tunnels. I had to prove to him I was not hallucinating. There are tunnels that run beneath the whole city that are lined with endless food courts, shops and boutiques. To me, coming from a place that can't even have basements in the homes, that was amazing. Well, perhaps I should have inquired the days and times the tunnels were opened, because once we arrived, much to my dismay, the tunnels were closed. No proving my point now, I guess.

My trips to The Container Store was less interesting as I thought it would be. I guess I still have too much to tend to at the house before I can take any joy in my selfish pleasure. Although, my enjoyment did last a little throughout the store. A male employee passed me a few times, smiling each time. After the fourth time of passing by he asked "Still having fun?" God, was it that obvious that I was such a dork and was in total ecstasy over the containers surrounding me? Is it normal for anyone to be that obsessed and excited at the same time over containers and other organizational things?

Other than that, my weekend was kind of a bust.

I just finished listening to a bunch of Marines throwing stuff around and undoubtedly breaking stuff in the upstairs of my house. I should have known not much has changed in certain areas of my life. I guess somethings will never change. I have no voice, no say so in most things anymore. I guess I should get used to it.

Anyways, I figured I would update everyone and let you know I am okay. I haven't really been in a writing mood and finally got the internet card up and running again on the laptop so hopefully now my posts won't be so few and far in between.

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