Even the Big Ones Fall

It is on nights like last night that I realize that hubby is actually human, and not a big, strong, immortal man. He is always the one to keep calm in a situation and take control, always strong, always dependable.

We went to the gym after I got home from work, per our norm, and we both hit the weights on the bottom level. I tend to finish up about 5-7 minutes before him so I head upstairs to start on the elliptical. Hubby is usually up shortly after me, so you can imagine my surprise when I noticed I was on the elliptical for 12 minutes, with hubby no where to be found. Just as that thought crossed my mind, I felt a heavy tap on my back. I turned only to see hubby looking extremely sick and asking if we can leave. Within a split second I had gathered my belongings and jumped off the machine. This was so abnormal, we was a work out-aholic (shh my blog I can invent words if I want hehe). Just as we were nearing the stairs I realized, something is so not right, just then he started swaying on his feet and I knew I needed to keep him away from the stairs. Not an easy feat when he has a couple inches in height on me and about three times the muscle.

Just then a passer-by saw the look on my face and knew something wasn't right. He saw me struggling to keep hubby on his feet so he helped grab him and talked him through a breathing technique that talked him out of passing out. He helped him over to the chair and disappeared.

At this point I realize, he isn't unbreakable. He is as real as me and any other person. Though he is strong most of the time, every now and then, he falls.

Don't worry, he is perfectly fine. He worked through lunch at work and didn't realize it until it was too late. Silly. Thank God he is okay. It is moments like those that remind me that I don't know what I would do if anything ever happened to him.

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