Hunk/Hottie Hump Day!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!! As promised, I have selected a Hunk and a hottie for this week's hump day!!

I will start off with the hunk, naturally because that's what I AM the most excited about. Now, before you get your panties in a bunch, I AM doing a repeat on a previous hunk, so sue me! Well, don't really sue me, but bear with me. This hunk randomly wanders into my mind, despite the fact that he is a few years my junior (hey people, only a few years!! don't judge me!). And while most people jumped on the bandwagon with the vampires, I'd take a wolf any day! My pick for hunk of the week: Taylor Lautner. I decided to put pictures of him fully closed up as to not get comments on being a perv AND because I think he looks just as hott clothed (not that I'm saying I wouldn't mind taking a gander at him naked), but I digress. So here you go, he's hott, tall, dark and handsome:




Now, onto my hottie pick of the week! I always tend to find women with darker hair more beautiful/attractive. This particular actress has been in quite a few things, more recently Forgetting Sarah Marshall and many many other movies/tv shows. Anyways, my hottie pick of the week is Mila Kunis!


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