Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I was in bed by midnight last night and up around 5:00 a.m. My weekdays take a toll on me and I never let myself relax on the weekends, my only days off. During the week, I'm up early, drive for an hour to work, where I am the office admin, which means I'm a jill-of-all trade. I'm in charge of keeping our workers happy. We usually fluctuate from managing 40 people all the way to about 200 (since I've been here), depending on what projects we have going on. I'm in charge of getting those people paid, sick/vacation leave, maternity leave, coordinating project starts and ends as well as taking care of everything on the front in (PC breakdown and set up, troubleshooting, etc.). My days are pretty hectic and it seems like they go by quick for the most part. At the end of the day, I get my car from valet and drive for an hour to get home.

I'm exhausted by the time I get home, but I don't sit down. I figure out what needs to be done for dinner, start those preparations, and as dinner is cooking I begin to pick up/clean. I feed the dog, give him attention, stop to finish dinner. Serve dinner while watching tv. Most of the time I'm lucky and something non-news related is on and I can have a laugh while I eat my dinner. After dinner, I clean the dishes, pack up the left overs (if it is something I like I divide the leftovers between hubby and me and if not, hubby gets a heaping serving to bring to work the next day). By then my food has settled and I hit the gym for about an hour or two. I come home drained, shower and go to sleep. That is my routine mainly Monday through Thursday. Most of the time Friday and Saturday it fluctuates (no work on Saturday of course) and Sunday is my day to "relax" which is usually spent doing laundry and heavy duty cleaning.

Anyways, as I sat and thought about my hectic schedule I realized, when will we EVER have time for children. It seems near impossible to me at this point. Who knows, maybe one day I will calm down enough, become less of a control/organization/germaphobe freak, be able to let things go and concentrate on completing our family. Until then, I'll continue one with my craziness, wall and ceiling vacuuming and all!

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