Happy Friday!!

Despite an occurrence this morning, I'm not going to let anyone spoil my mood. I'm ready for the weekend to begin! Other than the lame task of having my oil changed tomorrow morning, I have a pretty eventful weekend. Finishing up looking out houses, shoe shopping, clothes shopping, movies, and OF COURSE, going out to one of the biggest bars in the area. It has been on travel channels several times and a group of us figure since we are living so close, there is no excuse to not check it out! I'll share where and pics AFTER the weekend, never can be too safe with stalkers :)

Anyways, as many of you can tell from my music selection I tend to lean more to the alternative rock with some occasional pop thrown in. Today, I have an oldie to share, that I can't get out of my head and it makes me want to dance. Enjoy!

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Joan E. Santos said...

great post! can't wait to read more of it. i am your latest follower. please follow me also. thanks!