Happy Hump Day!!

Happy Hump Day Everybody! I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting my hottie pick of the week up on hump day to give you all a little something to think about. I know that I have a few men followers so I promise to change it up a bit and add in some female hotties too :)

Today's Hump Day choice is....drum roll please.....


MR. SAM WORTHINGTON! Sir, you are one major hunk!! I could stare into those beautiful eyes all day! But I digress, many of you recognize him as the main character, Jack Sully, in Avatar (amazing in 3D by the by!). I think maybe my attraction to him may partially be the fact that he played a Marine, but mainly because he is just a hottie. Anyways, ladies enjoy! Men, I'll have a male AND female hottie next hump day ;)

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