All My Single Ladies...

Let me just out by saying, wow, I never realized how much of a guy repellent a wedding ring is. That being said, here is my story.
As my avid followers know, I have been dropping weight over month or so. So much so that my clothes are beginning to fit super loose and, of course, my rings fall off. Normally it wouldn't be a problem if we were going to a friend's house, out to a restaurant, etc., but this night I was going out with a girlfriend to some clubs. Better safe than sorry, I removed my ring. There was NO way in hell I was going to lose it in such a public place, I would pretty much be kissing it goodbye. Hubby is fine with this. He is secure enough now that he knows I don't want to be nor could I be with another.

I've been out with this girlfriend before. She gets hit on randomly at least three or four times every time we go out. She is married as well but doesn't wear a wedding ring. ((so many of my friends are like this but I never dare to ask why they don't wear their rings)) I usually play defense for her, since I'm hardly ever hit on.

We walked in the club, I thought it would be no different than any other night. Within the first five minutes of us being there I was approached by a man, a pretty good looking one at that, and asked to dance. I had to decline, I'm married of course, and I know I wouldn't want hubby dancing with another female, even if it were just for fun. (maybe if I were there and knew her?). Either way, it boosted my confidence a bit. Was it the ring? or maybe the weight loss? Who knows. We continued the night with drinks and dancing. We were having a blast. Friend and I were dancing in the club with "cages" and there are cages everywhere you turned. We took a spot next to a cage and danced. The next fellow that approached me had the lamest pick up line ever. He asked if I "like dancing on metal or I would like to dance on something harder." The line still makes me giggle. I just had to laugh and walk away.

The nicest of the night I would have to say was a nice, young guy, who told me I was "stunningly beautiful." It almost made me tear up a little and I talked to him for a bit. Told him all about hubby and he told me all about his dating disasters. It was pleasantly surpringly how nice it was to talk to such a complete stranger.

Anyways, the whole point of this story is, is a wedding ring that much of a repellent? Is this why none of my girlfriends wear their wedding rings? Does the same go for the men? I couldn't rush to get home fast enough to put my ring on my finger. Maybe next time I'll go with some heavy duty duct tape holding it in its rightful place on my finger?

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Kristy said...

I've never heard that pickup line before... it is pretty funny.

In today's world I'm not sure a wedding ring is much of a repellent. Mostly I think you probably have more confidence, and the weight loss has accentuated what was already there.