Night 3

Night 3 of the nightmares and I'm wishing they would have never been retriggered. I feel as though I could just fall on my face at any moment. I stare into the distance thinking about him. There are so many things that should have been done differently back then, but because they weren't we are where we are today. An incomplete family with an empty void that will never be filled.

I will gladly go back to my every night nightmares of Freddy Kruger. Even the ones that I actually woke up from with scratches on my body. That is how badly I want these to stop. O well though, no reasoning or bargaining with dreams, it is pointless after all.

I have a full schedule ahead of me and it doesn't look like I will see the end for a while. Everything is going GREAT here though, other than the aforementioned. My friend that moved overseas for a while is actually moving back to the U.S. this weekend so I'm trying to set up a time for me to fly and see her to catch up. Other than that, maybe planning a solo trip back home to visit everyone. The last time I went in I didn't get to see nearly everyone I wanted to see, and that has left me a little sad.

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