The Ugly Truth


Yes, I know, the movie has been out for quite a while, but as usual, I have been too busy doing one of everything else to see it. I was fully intent on seeing it while it was out in the theaters, even had hubby in on it, but we never found the time to see it. So naturally when we made a red box stop, to find "Zombieland" per hubby's request, I couldn't pass up "The Ugly Truth." I heard that it was a pretty funny movie and definitely enough in it to keep the men folk interested. It didn't take much to sway him to give in to this movie instead (hey, I rarely ask for things!).

Anyways, it was such a great movie. Gerard Butler looked as yummy as always and played such a believable character. Not for him, but for a womanizer. He did such a great job. I got swept away with the movie. It reminded me of someone I once knew (well not really knew since he never let anyone really KNOW him). I laughed because at the end of the movie, Katherine Heigl called him out on what the truth behind his womanizing was. You see, someone like that always has a back story. He isn't just bitter towards women for no reason. BUT at the same time, there is no way that every woman he has come across has problems, it has to be him. Anyways, it just made me giggle to myself, because I know that old man is still out there, spreading his lies, when all he should do is just admit to himself and everyone else that HE is, in fact, the problem, not everyone else. I think in the end he would be happier and maybe be able to have a clear conscience , be able to sleep at night, and eventually, maybe have a REAL relationship.

But I digress, for those of you who haven't seen the movie, this is a MUST. I laughed for a good portion of the movie. It is far enough away from a chick flick to talk a date into it, but still enough to make it a feel good movie :)

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