So after spending most of my weekend cleaning while hubby was working (the only time I can properly clean the house, ceiling/wall vacuuming, upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning and all), then holding hubby's car hostage yesterday to do a thorough cleaning (about 4 hours in total), I am EXHAUSTED! Actually, I don't even think exhausted is the word at this point.

But I digress, after hubby got off of work we went and grabbed some pho before he went out for drinks with the guys. I sat quietly over my soup, mostly trying to keep my eyes open long enough so I didn't fall face first into my soup and drown. Hubby may have been a little concerned since I'm usually a chatter box, but I was too tired to even think about talking. Hubby, being very personable but not good at conversation starting, kept making random comments, then looked at me and said "we need to plan a vacation." This is something we have talked about for a while and more recently gotten a little more serious about. We have never taken a REAL vacation together. We have taken a couple days to meet up with family and friends on the beach, we did a marriage enrichment retreat which was GREAT but only two days total, and our honeymoon wasn't a real greatly planned trip to stay at a casino which was only after a day or two, since we both aren't big into gambling (not like it was Vegas where there are a million other things to do).

Anyways, so we have been playing with ideas for a while. A couple that we are friends with are going on a cruise and want us to go. Hubby has NEVER been on a cruise before. I've been twice, and loved it both times. I think it would be great. We also have another couple we are friends with that have suggested a trip to ski/snowboard, which I would absolutely LOVE. Not sure where or when we are going to take this vacation(s) BUT I think I'm going to start getting some ideas and suggestions gathered so I can get some price ideas. Where would you suggest? We are open to anything. Even going out of country. We are up for whatever climate. Let me know :)


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